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WiFi Services for Aged Care and Healthcare Operators with Fluide Smart Online Portals

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McLaren Technologies is developing technology for the future with innovations in public internet access solutions. Working in partnership with clients, McLaren Technologies develops flexible customised portals that further enhance the software guest experience. The McLaren solution includes a Nomadix gateway and McLaren’s fluide web portal controlling bandwidth management, access times, data usage and all aspects of the user’s internet experience. The fluide platform also contains a customised, web-based Management and Reporting Platform to provide comprehensive graphical and numerical data analysis across multiple locations.

Internet / Wi-Fi is everywhere these days – from hotels, café’s, airports to cruise ships. So why not have the Internet in hospitals and aged care facilities where patients can take their mind off health conditions, improve their lifestyle and browse the net or connect with family and friends during their stay? A secure, reliable Internet Service is an excellent way for patients and visitors to stay connected during their stay in a healthcare facility.

Check email, look at photos on Social Media, communicate with friends and family over video conferencing such as Skype – perfect for patient or waiting rooms.

Internet access allows patients to connect to the internet in waiting rooms, wards and rooms. Patients / Vistors can use their personal smartphones, laptops and/or tablets.

Customizable Client Portals – Patients can access an array of services including general hospital information, wellness programs, survey forms and other messaging to the appropriate audience.

Customizable Admin Portals – Account Management (create edit delete, including the new Group levels etc) – Plan Management – Portal Management (CMS) – Guest Management and Analytics

Configure Internet service plans, manage permissions and optimize bandwidth from a central dashboard with analytics to optimize the Wi-Fi experience in real-time.

Collect Wi-Fi analytics and integrate with CRM or social date to better understand guests and how to engage with them for relevant messaging and offers.

Download the McLaren Fluide Brochure for Healthcare and Aged Care Operators