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TraknProtect revolutionizes hotel operations by providing a robust technical and flexible software infrastructure that allows hoteliers to leverage various IoT solutions without implementing redundant, disparate technologies. Specifically, we help hotels track back-of-house inventory, room service trays and vendors on their property and additionally provide panic buttons to their housekeepers with just a single platform that has the capability to add to other solutions.

Inventory Tracking

TraknProtect is the only inventory tracking and analytics solution for hotels.

TraknProtect will:

  • Decrease Time to Locate Items
  • Decrease Time to Conduct Inventory
  • Save Capital Costs by Using Data Analytics to Make Inventory Decisions


To meet your guests’ essential needs – and exceed their service expectations – you need to know exactly what equipment you have on hand and where it is located.

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TraknProtect is the ONLY equipment tracking and analytics solution that helps hotels enhance the guest experience.  It provides real-time location of your items anytime, anywhere, revolutionizing hotel operations.  Some items being tracked by hotels using TraknProtect are:

  • Rollaway beds
  • Cribs
  • Refrigrators
  • Ladders
  • Luggage trolleys
  • Vacuum cleaners
Our App
TraknProtect use BLE trackers and an easy to use proprietary app to track equipment so that your staff can get back to what’s important.  Your items can be tracked in any part of the hotel including:

  • Guest rooms
  • Utility closets
  • Storage closets
  • Common areas
BLE Trackers
TraknProtect provides a web portal with instant access to utilisation statistics.  It tracks how you use your inventory and provides you with the data to analyse and optimize asset usage. 
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Room Tray Tracking

Receive alerts when used room service trays are left in hallways
Increase cleanliness of hotel hallways and areas ensuring better reviews
Decrease time to pick up used room trays – gives staff the location of trays for quicker pick up when trays are left in the hallways.
Manage Staff to ensure best-in-class hotel service
Tracks how long trays are sitting in hallways and provides you with data to ensure faster pick-up times
Room Tray Tracking

Panic Buttons

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Ensure they feel safe on the job by providing them with the right tools for help.
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With TraknProtect Panic Buttons you will know the exact location of your staff when there is a Distress Call.

Once the alert has been activated a notification is sent to the manager or security person’s mobile device pinpointing the exact location of the staff member.

safety alert

Vendor Tracking

Gain insight and control over vendor costs with smart-vendor tracking. You have the right to know where contractors spend their time in your hotel.  With TraknProtect Vendor Tracking you can manage third parties
smarter in order to verify time & costs.

With the issue of a simple ID card you can track anyone working in your hotel from catering vendors and electricians to maintenance staff.