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Smarter facility CLEANING with robotic solutions and advanced data

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SoftBank Robotics helps improve facility operations with our cleaning robots and AI solutions. We have accumulated data and learnings since 2017, when we launched our first autonomous cleaning robot, Whiz. Since then, Whiz has cleaned 8 million km* of floor space around the world, and we will continue to propose new ways to optimize the overall cleaning process.

*As of March 2023, according to the data from “Whiz Connect” of SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.


Phantas Gausium

Phantas is a commercial floor cleaning robot that boldly integrates 4 floor cleaning modes, which grants it unrivaled versatility and usability for cleaning spaces with different types of flooring, both hard and soft ~ vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing & dust mopping.  Phantas is presumably the smallest commercial floor cleaning robot the industry has ever seen. With its compact size, the robot can effortlessly pass through and clean narrow aisles and under-table areas.

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Whiz / Whiz i

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Whiz is an autonomous vacuum sweeper that’s completely reinventing facility floor cleaning.  Using a uniquely developed A1 platform, it delivers a higher quality, more efficient clean – with proof of performance. Whiz is the latest addition to the Whiz series of sterilisation and cleaning robots, and has a 1.6-fold increase in dust pick up rate, improved visibility of operation, and a built-in, high-capacity battery instead of a replaceable battery.  

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Scrubber 50 Pro

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Scrubber 50 Pro is an AI-powered, fully automatic floor scrubber robot manufactured by Gausium (Shanghai, China).  Over 1500 units have been deployed in 30 countries worldwide.  Equipped with deep learning algorithms, S50’s multiple cameras enable highly accurate environmental recognition and advanced motion judgments based on real-time conditions. Safe, efficient, high quality floor cleaning improves facility cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality.

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Drive Robot Tansformation (RX)* in the food and beverage industries with TRAY DELIVERY robots

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Softbank robots provide support to alleviate the challenges that our clients, in the restaurant and hotel industries are facing; more specifically, labor shortages, high cost of human resources and customer satisfaction. From the full suite of food delivery robots, we help businesses determine and deploy the optimal model (from compact models to larger more robust models) for their specific environments. We help our clients fully optimize their robots through RX consulting, including integration with operational systems and ordering systems.

*Robot Transformation (RX):Digitalization using robotics

Delivery X1

Tray Delivery X1

Large 10″ Tablet, dark grey colour and stylish design are highly appreciated at various venues.  It’s long battery life allowing an operating time of up to 16 hours is also a key feature.

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In the era of AI and IOT, BUTLER robots will bring you a new hotel experience

One-stop hotel solution, BUTLERBOT W3 can adapt to complex environments and offer a hassle free delivery solution with flexible storage space. 

W3 Butlerbot

W3 Butler Bot

Enclosed and waterproof cabins ensure food safety and delivery privacy. We pay high attention to your privacy protection.  Two metallic colors interpret a sense of technology.

The robot can take lifts and provide service for guests any time of the day or night, offering reliable and privacy-conscious delivery service.

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Universal Data Platform

Softbank Universal Data Platform

Softbank has developed a proprietary data platform to meet the needs of the market, allowing operators to manage multiple robots and services through one single interface. The data accumulated through this platform will be used to: 

  1. Improve the operational efficiency of the business with deployed robots, 
  2. Propose dynamic solutions to customers who are considering deploying robots, and 
  3. Provide development, mass production, and maintenance support to robot manufacturers.

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