McLaren Technologies operates a large service organisation with experienced support engineers and product specialists covering all areas of hotel technology.

We provide the following services:

Consultancy Services

McLaren Technologies brings unparalleled experience and expertise in developing and delivering successful sales and marketing strategies for technology related products and services into the hospitality and healthcare verticals. McLaren Technologies will fast track your entry into the market and ensure revenue targets are quickly achieved.


Software Development

Our team of software developers can deliver solutions to integrate multiple third-party applications or create applications to complement existing technology.

We also develop technology solutions to enable tailored integrated management of public-access venues using a variety of interface protocols and programming languages.


Project Management, Installation & Training

McLaren Technologies offers project management and installation and training services to assist both vendors and properties to manage and implement technology related projects.

McLaren Technologies also offers installation and training resources to assist properties and vendors implement a wide range of technology solutions.


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