Safemark Systems

Since 1983, leading hotels have chosen Safemark for their guest room security solutions. With over 750,000 safes installed, it’s no wonder Safemark leads the way through innovation and meeting the needs of today’s travellers.

What sets Safemark Apart?

There are many other safe manufacturers to choose from but only Safemark can stand behind years of proven success and quality.

  • First domestic US safe company
  • Sound financial history and track record
  • Approved/Specified by virtually every major chain
  • Each Safe Specialist has over 10 years experience
  • Over 50 installations performed monthly
  • Heavy participation by employees in stock ownership


In Room Safes

Safemark stands apart with a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and the highest security standards. Offering the widest selection of product, our electronic safes are designed with modular components including digital keypad, CPU and locking mechanism. What does this mean to you? Hotel staff can replace a door in seconds or individually components can be addressed when needed. In return, hotel guests benefit with a reliable and durable safe at their fingertips.


Thoughtful Design

Our user-friendly, illuminated keypad makes for easy viewing especially in closet areas. Safemark’s popular Emergency Handheld Override (EHO) is not only industrial strength, but easy to learn and simple to operate. Your hotel can obtain the ultimate peace of mind by choosing our UL-Rated High Security Medeco Fail-Safe Override Key System.


Selecting the Right Electronic Safe for your Hotel

Top hotel brands agree, Safemark dominants the market with safe expertise. Here are a few important points to remember when evaluating in-room safes:


Audit Trail:

Problem: Valuable time is often wasted trying to solve a theft due to ambiguous information. Many safes on the market only reflect a user number (i.e. User #1). Worse yet, they only track safe “openings” and not “closings” which is a critical piece when dealing with a guest’s missing valuables.

Solution: Remove the worry of loosing vital safe codes and the costly expense of drilling locked safes by embracing a safe solution with multiple back-up options (i.e. hotel server, secondary PC, and/or CD). An override that has lost its programming due to dead batteries is quickly and easily reprogrammed.


Key Override:

Problem: Skeleton keys can easily be copied at the local hardware store leaving guest room safes an easy target.

Solution: Select a safe that incorporates high-integrity keys. Unlike a skeleton key, the patented Medeco key utilized by Safemark cannot be unknowingly copied as blanks are not distributed outside the Medeco factory. The lock is virtually pick proof and additional keys are only available from Medeco with proper signature authority.


EN 5.3 Electronic Safe

The EN 5.3 represents Safemark’s next generation of safes with a sophisticated, laser-cut door that fits flush with the frame. This sleek design provides hotels with an aesthetically pleasing safe while capitalizing on the ability to close the gap often found between the safe body and the door. Guests will appreciate the EN 5.3 with ample room to store their 17” laptops, purses, cameras, iPods and so much more. Rounding out the thoughtful construction, an integrated keypad is both tilted and illuminated for easy viewing.

DNX 5.4 Electronic Drawer Safe

The DNX 5.4 drawer safe provides the ultimate in guest room security in a unique, space saving design. Typically situated in a credenza or near the desk, the drawer safe allows quick access for guests to secure their valuables. Large enough to accommodate a 17” laptop, the safe features dual hydraulic lift arms for easy use.




W 5.0 Electronic In-Wall Safe

Safemark’s W 5.0 in-wall safe provides hotel guests with peace of mind while maintaining a small footprint in your closet or guest room. Designed to install between standard 16 inch on-center studs, the W 5.0 will occupy the cavity inside the guest room wall. The safe provides ample space for guests to secure laptops, cameras, purses and other valuables. With a clean installation in mind, our built-in flange will cover rough cuts and eliminate unnecessary re-plastering.



Safemark’s Mission

Many companies have a Mission Statement but few have the leadership and drive to live up to it. Safemark fosters an environment “To Deliver exceptional products and programs to meet the needs of our customers and the travelling public.” We do this by:

  • Establishing and maintaining long term relationships with each of our customers
  • Listening to and anticipating the needs of our customers, prospects and teammates
  • Providing our customers with the tools to achieve excellent financial results
  • Maintaining a culture of integrity, teamwork and trust
  • Delivering outstanding and reliable service with a focus on quality and innovation
  • Building a team that dedicates its heart, hands and mind to this mission while having fun doing it


Safemark’s Sustainability

At Safemark™, our team is committed to sustainability, environmental protection and the reduction of our carbon footprint.


Our Practices

We understand that “sustainability” is not just a word; it is a way of life and a way of doing business. We consider sustainability to be a critical part of doing business, right along with an excellent product, superior customer service and increased revenue for our clients.

At Safemark™, we are here for the long term, not the quick profit. We believe that a commitment to sustainability is one that is necessary, not only for economic success, but for the health of future generations.


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