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INTELITY is the global provider of the broadest and most comprehensive enterprise guest experience and management platform for the hotel, casino, cruise, and luxury residential markets. INTELITY brings customers and staff full circle. Following its merger with KEYPR in 2018, INTELITY has distinguished itself as the most comprehensive and robust enterprise hospitality platform available on the market.


INTELITY Guest gives your guests access to the connectivity they’ve become accustomed to in their own homes. Guests are in control of their experience and have a direct connection to hotel staff throughout that their entire stay.

Contactless  Mobile Check-In

guest service
Through the INTELITY Mobile App solution, contactless check-in is easy! Guests can use reservation information to skip the front desk and head straight to their room, prioritising safety through physical distancing. 

For your Guests:

  • Skip the line
  • Check-In from anywhere
  • Access room with mobile key
  • Securely share keys
  • Streamline Check-Out process

For Your Staff:

  • Reduce front desk traffic
  • Prioritise safety and distancing
  • Free up employee time
  • Eliminate physical key costs
  • Disable and revoke keys


Mobile & Web App

Intelity Mobile Web App

With the understanding that not every hotel is the same, INTELITY provides three levels of customisation for your Mobile App:

  • Single or Multi Property
  • Custom Brand – White label app with your brand, our brain
  • SDK – integrated with your existing mobile app

Through the captive portal the INTELITY Web App ensures that guests browsing online are provided with an interactive landing page where they can view information, request services and communicate with hotel staff.

Mobile Key

Intelity Mobile Key
With INTELITY Mobile Key guests have the ability to access their room using their smartphone.  Using the property’s Guest App your guests can check-in from their mobile device, activate a Mobile Key and go directly to their room.  INTELITY Mobile Key will:

  • Integrate with all major digital lock manufacturers
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for plastic keycards
  • Give guests even more control over their stay

In-Room Tablet

In-Room Tablets replace the printed compendium, collateral and alarm clocks of the past, as well as give guests complete control over their stay. Offered in both iOS (iPad) and Android (7″ and 1o” tablet) it allows guests to:

  • Engage with messages and promotions
  • Place in-room dining orders and submit service requests
  • Control lighting, HVAC, TV and other in-room settings
  • Engage with entertainment, news and services apps
  • Make reservations and bookings and set alarms


Intelity Casting
Let your guests choose when and how they watch their favorite shows and movies with the Casting solution.

  • Stream limitless content from personal mobile devices or In-Room Tablet
  • No need for special access codes, sign-ins or app downloads
  • Leveraged with Chromecast technology and Netflix compliant

Lobby & Digital Signage

Intelity Lobby
Lobby and Digital Signage reduces the strain put on your front desk and frees up staff time to focus their energy on more complex guest requests.   Designed to efficiently convey information, the Lobby solution is completely digital and give’s your guests complete connectivity.

  • Customisable menu
  • List answers to FAQ
  • Provide information about local attractions including maps
  • Access to flight information and transportation schedules



Intelity Voice
Using Amazon Alexa in combination with a specially developed Voice Request skill, the Voice solution can be implemented in multiple ways across your property. This INTELITY Guest solution also gives you the ability to input custom content into Amazon Alexa and control content across your property.

  • Allow guests to adjust room controls
  • Allow guests to request services and information
  • Control content across the property
  • Input custom greetings for guests staying under the same rate code
  • Automatically process guest requests and route to the appropriate department


Intelity Messaging
INTELITY’s Messaging solution provides a direct and trackable digital connection between guests and staff.

  • SMS
  • In-app messages
  • Facebook messenger integration
  • Functions as a part of the Mobile App, Web App and In-Room Tablet
  • Allows staff to create tickets in INTELITY Staff


INTELITY believes in providing their partners with full service, full circle. INTELITY Staff is a comprehensive set of operational tools that streamline your staff management and automate the staff journey, which allows your team to spend more time creating exceptional experiences for your guests. INTELITY Staff is a cross-platform (desktop and mobile) dashboard that includes work order and task management, as well as real-time data analytics.


Intelity Ticketing
More than a just simple ticketing solution, INTELITY Ticketing will give you a high-level overview of all activity on your property in a single dashboard.

  • Provides real-time updates on the status of tasks via push notifications, email, and SMS
  • View all guest requests, work orders, and preventative maintenance tasks
  • Available on desktop and mobile


Intelity Dining
With our two Dining solutions, guests can order room service from anywhere using the Mobile App or In-Room Tablet. The Dining solution automates the ordering process and reduces the chance of human error.

  • Automate service request delivery
  • Track order status
  • Track request fulfillment time
  • Generate data analytics to make better business decisions


Intelity Boutique
Create a customized storefront where you can easily manage your inventory and set product availability. Featured on your Mobile Guest App and In-Room Tablets, the Boutique solution can be used to sell products from your spa, art pieces on display at your property, or customized merchandise. Guest orders are easily managed and tracked within our INTELITY Staff platform.

  • Easy management of inventory
  • Set product availability
  • Manage guest orders through INTELITY Staff
  • Direct delivery to guest rooms or shipping
  • Automatic addition of guest purchases to folio

Content Management

Intelity Content Management
The Content Management solution allows management teams and staff to have full control over the content hosted on your Mobile App, Web App, and In-Room Tablet.

  • Make real-time updates to content across platforms
  • Send out personalized offers to guests
  • View and manage content in a single dashboard

Device Management

Intelity Device Management
The Device Management solution ensures you’ll never have to disturb your guests to check on the status of an In-Room Tablet. It allows you to automate software installations and upgrades, and provides you and your team with the information you need to ensure a frictionless user experience.

  • Monitor In-Room Tablet health
  • Automate software installations and updates
  • Make sure In-Room Tablets are online

Guest Marketing

Intelity Notifications
The INTELITY Staff platform creates endless opportunities to reach your captive audience using our Guest Marketing solutions. Features like push messaging, in-app promotions, and general messaging enable your team can reach your target audience when they’re paying the most attention – in their rooms.

  • Reach your target audience when they’re most captive
  • Create special offers and promotions based off rate code
  • Send out timely messages for on-property specials
  • Create offers based off stated preferences and guest buying habits
  • Increase accuracy and frequency in the delivery of offers and promotions

Guest Feedback

Intelity Guest Feedback
Easily track your guests’ satisfaction throughout their stay using INTELITY’s Guest Feedback solution.

  • Automatically deploy surveys upon the completion of a service request
  • Provide real-time feedback
  • Built-in escalation notifications to aid in service recovery

Business Intelligence

Intelity Business Intelligence
INTELITY Staff records Business Intelligence data and analytics in real time so you’ll always know what’s happening on your property. This information can be leveraged to maximize efficiency, deliver exceptional guest experiences, and make better business decisions.  This information will give you deeper insights into you guests and what they want.

  • Real-time data and analytics about guest preferences and buying habits
  • Rich guest profiles based off interactions with your property
  • Track revenue and see where you’re spending your money
  • Identify what your guests are requesting most often


Intelity Concierge
The Concierge solution provides your team with an easy way to organize and manage guest requests via desktop or mobile device. The guest profiles built within INTELITY Staff automatically sync with our dashboard so that whenever a guest makes a request or orders a service it funnels through the INTELITY Staff app or desktop.

  • Accessible through desktop or mobile
  • Better management of long-term luggage storage
  • Easier package tracking
  • Streamlined guest service
  • Includes a comprehensive of agenda of services confirmed on behalf of guests
  • Allows staff to create personalized itineraries for individual guests


In order to provide our partners with access to the best and most complete suite of tools to enhance their guest experience and manage their operations teams, the INTELITY platform is integrated with over 120 PMS, POS, CRM, room controls, digital locking, spa management, and ticketing solutions. These integrations make it easier to incorporate the platform into your current operations and allow for a seamless implementation of the complete INTELITY suite of tools.


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