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IDEM streamlines and automates group reservations to improve efficiency and revenue and customer loyalty. IDEM group solutions eliminate the drudgery of managing manual rooming lists and make you look good

For Hotels

Idem is indispensable for hotels who provide housing for events & groups. Our Industry-leading housing management solutions enable hotels to:

  • Maximize block pickup
  • Reduce slippage
  • Minimize book-
  • Avoid attendee attrition
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve revenue

Our solution enables time-saving housing management via individual event branded booking microsites for guests which improve the guest experience and increase upsell revenue and customer loyalty.

Perfect for one-off events like corporate meetings, conferences, trade shows or for repeated events like training or sporting tournaments.

For Event Planners

Book, manage and track groups of all sizes. Idem simplifies and automates a myriad of manual processes to make you more efficient and improve revenue.

Whether it is a simple meeting bringing 100 industry professionals together, or a citywide event across multiple hotels for thousands of guests to attend a global association conference, Idem’s powerful and secure housing management system will save you time and help generate more profitable events.

  • Avoid attrition
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Reduce error
  • Improve revenue
  • Citywide event housing
  • Secure online payments

Improve the guest experience

Automating the guest reservation process allows event planners to optimise every touchpoint and gain time to focus on improving attendee satisfaction & brand loyalty, so that your attendees return to each event and your customers are happy.

Simplify the process

Many event planners utilize manual, outdated processes, using Excel or obsolete platforms, which adds steps to their workflow. Housing management software simplifies complex groups and keeps simple events from growing too complex.

Revenue maximisation

IDEM’s clients are experiencing an 11%~43% increase from upsell revenue because guests are either spending more on their room choices, or extending their stay to combine their business travel with leisure so you realise your full commissionable opportunity.

Attrition reduction

IDEM’s Industry-leading housing management solutions reduce slippage, minimise book-arounds and maximise block pickup to fulfil your contract. You have complete control to manage the guest booking website and have instant visibility into every reservation. Get credited for every booking to minimise your attrition risk.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve effeciency – Improves productivity for your group organizer from manually managing guest reservations
  • Increase upsell – Increased pickup from both extended stays and room type up-sell via the online booking process
  • SmartTriggers™ – Automated reminders to keep you, your customers and their guests on the same page
  • Analytics – Detailed data analytics to help uncover surprising insights to give you a competitive advantage
  • Maximise pickup – Group reservations microsites where guests make their reservations online, super easy