Nomadix’s Alloc8 ~ Affordable Internet Monitoring and Reporting Platform

New Standalone Solution Provides Powerful Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities up to 1Gbps

TORONTO, June 28, 2017 – Many hotel brands today require their properties to monitor and report on the status of their internet traffic. In addition to these brand standards, there are other requirements driving the need for monitoring, such as the government mandate of lawful intercept. To help ensure that hotels are meeting these requirements, the Alloc8 – X Series from Nomadix provides affordable, robust monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Until recently, Alloc8 was only available as a full platform – with real-time monitoring, interactive analytics, purpose-built reports, an intelligent recommendation engine, management and control capabilities rolled into one. Now, for hotel properties that only need monitoring and reporting features, the base platform of Alloc8 can be deployed to monitor the network. With the base platform, Alloc8 can monitor throughput up to 1Gbps at a cost of just 100MB throughput, which provides tremendous value for hotels with limited resources.

“The first step in managing guest internet access is to be armed with data that provides insights as to which applications are operating on the network, how the network is being used and how it all is performing,” said Nomadix President Fred Reeder. “Many hotels simply need the monitoring and reporting features of Alloc8 without the management and control. For these hotels, the base model of Alloc8 is the ideal solution – it allows them to meet the standards set forth by the brand at a price-point they can afford.”

Featuring Deep Packet Inspection technology, Alloc8 is a family of layer 7 platforms that provide visibility into network traffic, application and performance – enabling hotels to pinpoint sources of congestion. Alloc8 offers many benefits to hotel property owners, such as:

 Optimization of WAN usage before considering a bandwidth upgrade

 Understanding the traffic generated by guests

 Controlling guest bandwidth and application utilization without impacting their quality of experience

 Monitoring traffic flow through the network on a real-time basis

 Receiving applications utilization reports in various formats

 Professional technical support via one common call center

 Monetization of specific applications

If a hotel decides at any point that a more feature-rich or higher-throughput model of Alloc8 is needed, they have the option to upgrade at any time. Upgrading is performed remotely with no site visit required.

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