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Nomadix Gateways

Facilitating more than 5 million connections daily worldwide, Nomadix is the leading provider of intelligent network devices that make nomadic computing and public internet access easy. Nomadix’s proven reliability and strong adherence to high‑level testing practices combine seamlessly to provide the solution for implementation and control of your visitor‑based network (VBN) or high speed internet access (HSIA) network.

Edge Gateway EG 6000

EG6000The EG 6000 is ideal for mid-to-large venues where support for thousands of simultaneous mobile devices is a must. It’s a high-performance internet Edge Gateway that enables the creation of high-speed internet access (HSIA) and visitor-based networks (VBN). Designed with scalability in mind it is renowned for its reliability and suitability for venues such as hotels, airports, stadiums, and convention centers. The EG 6000 features the flexibility to support from 50 up to 800 doors, and up to tens of thousands of devices when using our clustering feature. With a throughput of up to 6 gigabits per second, the EG 6000 Edge Gateway is ideal for managing your growing bandwidth demand while ensuring your guests get the best internet experience.

Edge Gateway EG 3000

EG 3000The EG 3000, Nomadix’s mid-range bandwidth management gateway, is ideal for value-driven, visitor-based networks (VBNs). With four configurable WAN/LAN copper ports and support for up to 3000 devices, the EG 3000 is the perfect solution for small-to medium-sized venues, including hotels with up to 500 rooms that want to offer state-of-the-art internet access to their guests. When combined with the proven Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) core software, the EG 3000 becomes an appliance with unparalleled reliability. The base configuration of the EG 3000 includes 400 concurrent devices with a throughput of 500 Mbps with an option to upgrade to 3000 concurrent devices, and 1 Gbps of throughput. The EG 3000 is built upon the best processor available to ensure that smaller properties who offer internet access can do so in an effective yet economical manner. And like all Nomadix bandwidth management and access gateway appliances, the EG 3000 offers industry-best bandwidth management features providing venues and properties with the technology needed to enhance their guest experience.

Managed Wi-Fi

mduNomadix Cloud Managed Wi-Fi offers a true portal-free, home Wi-Fi experience to your residents and tenants and empowers your property managers to easily create and manage resident Wi-Fi accounts.  It even allows your residents and tenants to self-manage their Wi-Fi settings, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing your support overhead.


Choice of Bandwidth Plans – Every lifestyle has different bandwidth requirements.  Nomadix Cloud Managed Wi-Fi provides choices for residents, letting them select the right bandwidth plan for their household or business.

Seamless, Consistent Connectivity – Properties with good Internet connectivity retain residents and tenants longer, increasing occupancy and property valuation.

Reduced Support Calls – Intuitive management interface allows residents and tenants to manage their own Wi-Fi settings. decreasing the number of support calls to the property office and cost associated with resident support.

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