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Nevaya Casting and TV

Seamless home entertainment in the comfort of your hotel rooms

With state-of-the-art cloud-based software eliminating the need for on-site servers, Nevaya is the smarter way to install Google Chromecast and transform your guests’ in-room experience.

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Improve Guest Satisfaction

Your guests want to watch their own content. They already use streaming services on a daily basis. Nevaya helps you give your guests a super-reliable, super-easy way to stream their own shows directly to your in-room TVs.

No app sign-ins. No logging into hotel TVs. No hassle.

Boost brand engagement

Nevaya lets you promote your brand straight from your in-room TVs, and can integrate seamlessly with your existing hotel apps and property management system. Control and customise every Chromecast in your hotel group at the click of a button, and keep your guests entertained and engaged.

Because when they spend more time in your room, they’ll spend more on your services and upgrades.

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Transform guest experiences

As the only fully integrated, server-free SaaS platform, Nevaya syncs in seconds and scales instantly across your entire hotel group to deliver a better digital stay for all your guests. They control their own content straight from their phone, alongside additional in-room services as part of Nevaya’s extended ecosystem.

And you create a flawless, unrivalled digital guest experience. Every time.

Nevayatv for in-room guest TV

Manage your brand with consistency across multiple properties via digital guest directory, advertisements and many additional features on your in-room guest TVs.

  • Comprehensive system for Samsung or LG Smart Hotel TVs
  • Update communications across your entire system within seconds
  • Personalized and multi-lingual, including Chinese and Arabic
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