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The latest addition to the Nevaya global digital experience platform:


Building on the market-leading functionality delivered by NevayaCast and NevayaTV, NevayaOne combines all of Nevaya’s expertise in hospitality cloud solutions.
Significantly, NevayaOne removes the need to install in-room hardware or replace hospitality smart TVs.

Interactive TV platform with a branded interface.

Cloud managed with no additional hardware.

Ability to stream own content to the in-room screen.

NevayaOne has been designed to dramatically simplify what is often a complex configuration of dongles, set-top boxes and connectivity. Compatibility becomes almost universal and ongoing maintenance burdens are minimised.

Numa branded in-room TV interface usng NevayaOne technology.

NevayaOne NumaDashboard 1

The best in-room entertainment solution for your hotel, introducing:


Delight your guests by enabling them to stream their own content within the comfort of their own room.
On-demand streaming services for the hospitality industry are fast becoming the option of choice for in-room entertainment.

Easy connection between guest’s device & tv.

Guests cast content from their own accounts.

No personal data left behind on guest checkout.

Enhanced guest experiences.

Uninterrupted home experience.
Guests never have to feel the frustration of a break in their box-set viewing or struggle to view their favourite entertainment on the small screen of their device.

Watch what you want.
Guests can open the apps they already know without the need to remember login details or download content.

No hidden surprises.
Free and easy for guests to use, eliminating any unwelcome surprises of extra charges, and making it user-friendly for all.

Simple and easy to install.
Integrates with the existing hotel network, with the Chromecast plugging into the room television.

Getting guests connected is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Once in the room, guests connect their devices to the hotel WiFi.

  2. Opening the ‘Casting’ section on the TV will bring up a QR code for the guest to scan.
  3. Once loaded, guests will be able to cast their content and apps to the screen.
Custom in-room TV interface, displaying how the guest can connect their device.

NevayaCast Dash1 1536x883 2
NevayaCast Dash2 1536x883 1

Generate revenue with valuable data.

VevayaCast offers hoteliers a wealth of valuable insights into the behaviour and preferences of their guests.

Our advanced analytics allows operators to see real-time guest channel viewing trends versus content guests are streaming to the TV – often reducing the cost of premium channel subscriptions that are rarely accessed.

Cast AnalysticsMockup
Cast AnalysticsMockup 3

Customise every aspect of the guest TV experience, introducing:


NevayaTV is a medium to engage the guest in some of the amenities, whilst also providing core functionality such as free-to-air TV, premium content and paid content such as movies.  Additionally, you have the ability to enable the guest to consume their own content with the additional of NevayaCast.
Cloud-based technology means the service is available to any country, offering affordable, quick and non-disruptive installation; this feature also supports hoteliers through increased service reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Simple design and easy to use.

Versatile, not just for hotels.

Features for driving revenue.

NevayaTV Dash 6 1024x588 1
TV Dash 2 1024x588 1
TV Dash 1 1024x588 1

Beautifully bespoke for your brand

NevayaTV’s interface is versatile and can be adapted to work synonymously with your brand, showcasing your imagery, logos and brand identity in a professional presentation package.

NevayaTV Dash 7 1024x588 1
TV Dash 4 1024x588 1
NevayaTV Dash 5 1024x588 1

Benefits for your business.

Why choose the best TV solution for hospitality on the market?

NevayaTV’s innovative features and cloud-based technology make it an extremely affordable, highly-competitive, premium product in the hotel software market. The intuitive design enhances the experience for you and your guests, with numerous benefits against our competitors.

NevayaTV is adaptable to the unique requirements of your business, with a selection of clearly defined package options available to best suit your needs.

Increase RevPAR.
Create new opportunities to increase your RevPAR, communicating in-house promotions direct to your target audience.

NevayaTV’s cloud-based technology means it is fast and easy to deploy. Installation is simple and takes only 3 minutes per room. NevayaTV’s cloud-based technology does not require costly hardware and therefore minimises maintenance issues and cost.

Multi-tenanted control.
Versatile functionality allows NevayaTV to be applied in various locations with ease. The unique portal access, allows the screen display to be controlled either locally or as a central control for multiple venues.

Simple process.
A dedicated portal makes it simple to login and manage your displays with ease while our support team are also available to directly assist with any further information.

New revenue opportunities.
Generate revenue from third-party advertising.

Enhanced guest experience.
Premium content and easy access to NevayaCast allows guests to enjoy their in-room entertainment exactly as they choose.

Open API.
Limitless integration possibilities to existing business systems to maximise operational efficiency and optimise the guest experience.

With state-of-the-art cloud-based software eliminating the need for on-site servers, Nevaya is the smarter way to install Google Chromecast and transform your guests’ in-room experience.

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