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McLaren Technologies signs Asia Pacific distribution agreement with OpenKey

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HITEC Houston, 19 June 2018 – The McLaren Group, headquartered out of Singapore and Sydney, Australia, has been appointed a distributor for OpenKey in Asia Pacific.

McLaren are specialists in the distribution, implementation, development and customization of solutions and services for the hospitality industry and visitor based environments.

“We are very proud to announce our partnership with OpenKey, who are a genuine trailblazer in mobile access solutions,” said McLaren Technologies CEO Matthew White. “As a distributor, our aim is to provide their mobile key technology to thousands of new and existing hotels and resorts across Asia Pacific, while extending expert, authentic service to help customers make the most of this innovative technology.”

Founded just four years ago in Plano, Texas, their new partner, OpenKey, has enjoyed rapid growth and success in a short period of time and is now regarded as the largest mobile key company in the world.

OpenKey works with hotel owners and managers to provide a streamlined mobile key experience for guests, making access to their rooms easier. The company’s mobile key app is available on iOS and Android systems.

The new partnership will see OpenKey leverage McLaren’s local reputation, reach and commitment to providing ‘best of breed’ hospitality technology solutions in key destinations across Asia and the Pacific. OpenKey can also be bundled with the Intelity solution also distributed by McLaren to provide the most sophisticated and feature rich mobile digital guest service application to enabling check-in/checkout and digital key allowing guests to bypass the front desk when arriving at the hotel.

Through this agreement, McLaren will not only become a sales and distribution hub for OpenKey’s suite of products, but also provide ongoing support, training and client liaison across the OpenKey product line.

Brian Shedd, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for OpenKey said, “There is no denying that the Asia Pacific hotel pipeline is one of the most resilient and robust worldwide.”

“Our alliance with McLaren places us in a strong position to deepen our presence and foothold in this part of the world. There is really no better time to take our brand to the next level in this dynamic region, and this is an excellent partnership to make it happen.”

Mr White agreed adding, “Asia Pacific is increasingly important to all digital businesses, not least of all those working with hotels given that the world’s top ten fastest growing tourism cities are all based here. McLaren feels privileged to have been selected to drive further success for OpenKey in this region, at what is a dynamic and exciting time for the industry.”