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Jazzware operates as a secure, cloud service that meets the needs of all segments of the global hospitality industry. The solution integrates major hospitality systems on-premise and in the cloud to enable the richest guest experiences, empower staff, and assure 24×7 service availability.

Call Accounting

Call Accounting Graph

Manage your voice communications billing using our industry renowned, time tested Jazzware advanced call accounting system. Guest centric billing features and flexible billing options have made Jazzware the preferred choice for top brands.

Jazzware receives and processes call detail records from the PBX (Private Branch Exchange, or private telephone network), calculates any applicable costs and surcharges based on guest centric information, and posts the calls back to the property management system via the Edge ESB for guest invoicing. Our flexible bill plan architecture can accommodate even the most complex billing policies with efficiency and accuracy.

PMS Integration

Jazzware integrates with all the major hospitality PBX, PMS and voicemail systems using our secure integration platform, the Edge Enterprise Service Bus (Edge ESB).  The Edge ESB is a fanless, hardened, solid state appliance that sits on the property and hosts our local integrations and establishes a secure outbound connection to the cloud for cloud features, services and integrations.

The Edge ESB interfaces transform data from the property management system into meaningful information that can be used to:

  • Deliver guest messaging
  • Drive personalized pricing
  • Provision multi-language voicemail
  • Control the PBX to enable hospitality features
  • Trigger system alerts
  • Prompt guest centric wake-up greetings
  • Post phone call charges back to the guest


Likewise, the Edge ESB helps save on interface costs as it processes data from voicemail systems, HSIA authentication systems, console systems, minibar systems, wake-up systems and PBX’s then delivers it back to the property management system in the format required to invoice and care for the needs of the guests.

Overall, the Edge ESB has integrations and vendor certifications to over 40 PMS, PBX, voicemail, HSIA gateways and operator console systems. With our decades of experience in integrations, up-to-date certifications with our vendor partners, 24/7 monitoring and multi-channel alerting, the complexity and worry associated with interfaces is a thing of the past.

PBX Telemanagement

PBX phoneManage crucial hospitality voice features and control the PBX from one centralized platform with web and mobile access. Our tight integrations with all of the widely available hospitality PBX’s assure ultimate control over your voice systems. Feature highlights:

Room Status

Keep the front desk and the housekeeping department informed of housekeeping status updates as they occur to get your rooms sold. We provide multiple means of updating the housekeeping room status to cater to your operational needs including our Jazzware web portal, our hospitality mobile application, the guest room phone (for legacy or cloud PBXs) or the voicemail system. Our Jazzware integration platform will then notify the PMS immediately so that your staff can accommodate those waiting guests as soon as possible.


Room serviceTake advantage of Jazzware’s minibar capabilities which offer the staff the flexibility to enter the guest’s minibar item consumption using the Jazzware portal, our hospitality mobility app, the guest room phone or third-party minibar systems. Using our built-in multi-language minibar system, the Jazzware Feature Server will calculate the appropriate charges and send the minibar charges back to the property management system to apply to the guest folio. The list of minibar items and item pricing can be administered through the hospitality portal at any time. Inventory fulfillment and accounting tasks are made simple through our minibar reporting available through our web portal.

Room move

Automatically reassign all the guest information and settings from one room to another when the guest changes rooms.

Class of Service

Automatically restrict and unrestrict the guest room phone service upon check in/out or set levels of phone service access on demand to prevent unauthorized usage.

CDR processing and call accounting postings

Provide guest centric billing to your special guests and ensure all calls are posted back to the property management system

Other Services

Other services include:

  • Do not disturb
  • Name display
  • Message light control
  • Voicemail control
  • Wake-up call scheduling and status

Telecom Auditing

Telecom Auditing laptopLet Jazzware’s extensive knowledge and passion for the industry work for you with their TeleManager telecom auditing services. The TeleManager offering goes far beyond standard reporting to provide actionable recommendations from their team of resident hospitality telecommunications experts. The TeleManager team will analyze your business against industry trends and provide guidance on revenue optimization, expense management and even staffing requirements.


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