Jazzware Inc. completes acquisition of Cisco’s BroadSoft Hospitality group, JAZZ Fusion

We are excited to advise you that Jazzware successfully completed the acquisition of BroadSoft Hospitality, formerly SDD / Jazz as of EOB, Friday, October 19, 2018. Jazzware is a private company majority owned by a private equity consortium led by Dillon Kane Group and TAO Venture Partners, LLC.

With the acquisition, Jazzware provides the most comprehensive middleware solutions for the hospitality industry. Its solutions are relied upon by leading hotel brands and premiere channel partners for uninterrupted daily operations and premium guest experiences. Jazzware plans to maintain and enhance the high levels of availability and customer service that have been company hallmarks since inception in addition to investing in the product portfolio.

Immediate company priorities are to assure the Jazzware transition has no operational or service level impact on existing customers. We are fortunate that the entire BroadSoft Hospitality management team transitioned to Jazzware providing continuity and decades of industry experience.

  • Ron Grau, VP Marketing and Sales
  • Bill Wharton, VP Service Delivery and Customer Support
  • Kenan Oktan, VP Engineering and Cloud Operations
  • Cheryl Tjaden, Director of Client Support
  • Jeff Burrows, Director of Technical Support and Services

Joining the team is Raj Idiculla, CFO and VP Finance. Raj brings 20+ years as a technology finance and M&A executive. Leading the team will be Tom Clancy of TAO Venture Partners. Tom has 30+ years in the technology as a software company operating executive, financier, and founder.

Once again, an independent supplier to the Hospitality industry, it is Jazzware’s intention to expand its products and services in hospitality and adjacent markets. In conjunction with all of our customers and partners, we will be examining product and service potentials in the following categories:

  1. Cloud Solutions – Hospitality feature applications and Cloud service integration middleware
  2. On Premise Solutions – Communication adaptors, Cloud Gateway’s, Monitoring systems, Hospitality feature applications, Security
  3. Mobility – Presence, SIP clients, Messaging, Operations, Customer intimacy
  4. Analytics – intra-day and wholesale resource usage and optimization
  5. Professional services including custom solutions, RFP development, project management and business process optimization