iPORT products complete iPad, ensuring it is always charged, protected, and accessible… wherever the road may take it. From the moment a guest walks through the door, to ensuring staff has visibility to critical business functions, IPORT products allow you to connect better to customers and staff in any hospitality application.
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Charge Case & Stand 2

Table-top wireless charging & mounting system
The Charge Case & Stand system consists of a sleek protective case that rests and wirelessly charges on a Stand. The Stand uses magnets to automatically align the Case for fast and secure mounting ensuring iPad is charged. The Stand features USB charging ports for your guests and can hold the iPad in either portrait or landscape orientations.

Convenient Wireless Charging
Using a clever combination of magnets and conductive charging, the Charge Case precisely mounts into place on the Charge Stand and begins charging immediately in either portrait or landscape orientations. Plugging in wires is now a thing of the past.

Protection in a Thin, Elegant Case
Charge Case protects iPad from the bustle of travel and the accidental drop or nudge, all in an elegant and thin case sporting a soft-touch finish that feels great in your hands.

Surface Mount

Elegantly integrate iPad onto any surface
Turn iPad into a smart touch controller with Surface Mount: the elegant frame that allows you to integrate iPad onto any surface.

Precision-Machined Bezel, High Grade Finishes
Surface Mount’s Aluminum bezel is made of highgrade alloy and finished to the highest standards. Choose from 3 finishes: Black, White or Silver. The result is a bezel as refined as the iPad itself.

Flexible Power Options via PoE or Low Voltage
Surface Mount’s electronics system can receive power from a PoE Switch or 24V DC power supply. When power from a wall receptacle is required, just use the Power Injector.


Inductive charging for iPad
The LaunchPort system consists of a Sleeve and any number of Stations. A Sleeve is a protective case that fits onto your iPad. A Station is the mount and charging unit that connects to and holds a Sleeve. There are two types of Stations, one for the table and one for the wall.

Effortless Wireless Charging
LaunchPort powers iPad via inductive charging. As soon as a Sleeve is mounted to a Station charging begins immediately, without wires or cables. Magnets are used to mount and hold an iPad-inSleeve to a Station.

LaunchPort Ruggedized Sleeve
Protect iPad with the Ruggedized Sleeve designed for the rigors of any kitchen or back of house operations. The Ruggedized case features integrated loop holes for carrying iPad where you go and a convenient pen compartment for storing Apple Pencil.


The Next Level of iPad Charging and Mounting
LuxePort is the ultimate expression of refined aesthetics in an iPad charger and mount. The system consists of a Case and Stations for charging on table-top or wall.  LuxePort allows iPad to blend into high end offices and residences with precision machined components that are finished by hand.

With premium features like a security locking system that allows for total lock down of Case and BaseStation to a table or wall, LuxePort performs in even the most demanding commercial environments. Hold, Charge and Protect iPad in refined aesthetics with LuxePort.

Refined Aesthetics
LuxePort Aluminum Cases, WallStations and BaseStations are made of high grade alloy, precision machined and finished by hand.

Flexible Installation
LuxePort has expanded powering options.  WallStations have the ability to receive power from via PoE or Low Voltage wiring.

An Elegant Home for iPad
LuxePort creates a home for your iPad so you always know where it is, keeping iPad always charged and always ready.

Table Mount

Seamlessly transform iPad into a beautiful and simple business tool
The most elegant way to enclose and mount iPad to any surface with the option for hardwired power and data for professional applications.  Table Mount can be installed on a table top of mounted on the vertical surface of a wall for kiosk application.  Security locks keep Table Mount secure in high traffic spaces.  All power and wiring components are hidden in the base for a sleek, elegant look and feel.