Guest Applications & Mobility


INTELITY is an enterprise technology platform that bridges the connection between service industry workforces and their customers, providing service-on-demand to the hotel, casino, and luxury residential markets.

Intelity Guest

The INTELITY Guest platform gives your guests control over their stay by providing them with a direct connection to your operations team, access to mobile check-in and -out, the ability to request services from the comfort of their rooms, and much more.

Intelity Staff

INTELITY Staff is a cross-platform (desktop and mobile) dashboard that includes work order and task management, as well as real-time data analytics.

Intelity Connect

In order to provide our partners with access to the best and most complete suite of tools to enhance their guest experience and manage their operations teams, we’ve integrated our platform with over 120 PMS, POS, CRM, room controls, digital locking, spa management, and ticketing solutions. These integrations make it easier to incorporate our platform into your current operations and allow for a seamless implementation of our complete suite of tools.

PARASYNC by Parat Solutions provide a range of “smart products for mobile computing” that charge, synchronise, store, transport and secure multiple mobile computing devices for large-scale deployments.

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