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Revolutionising Hospitality Communications

Hotel Genie’s team of industry experts have design and deployed Hospitality voice solutions for decades at some of the biggest and most notable brands in the industry. The approach is simple. Reduce cost and enhance the guest experience!

Remove old Telephones from Guest Rooms – Consolidate In-Room hardware

Hotels can now remove traditional telephones from guest rooms by implementing a multi-use tablet that includes a Softphone App or VoIP (Voice over Internet) phone. This replaces the usual guest room telephone allowing for full phone functionality through the tablet. By implementing a tablet-based solution, operators and owners can now consolidate guest room hardware into an easy to clean and sanitize, solution allowing the guest to fully engage with the wide range of services, experiences and information. The tablet can also be used to implement the Intelity guest service platform that includes digital compendium, inroom dining ordering, outlet booking, guest services and web-based content

Revolutionising Guest Communications

Built in the cloud and survivable on premise, Hotel Genie will provide your Hotel or Casino with a centralized voice solution that enhances the guest experience, drastically reduces telecom costs, increases staff efficiencies, and drives new revenue streams.

The Only Softphone... Built For Hospitality

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Hotel Genie provides the industry’s only Softphone built for Hospitality! Deployed on a tablet or the guests mobile device, Hotel Genie eliminates expensive room phones, wiring, PBX hardware, licensing, and ongoing maintenance costs. Already have a Hospitality app? No problem, Hotel Genie voice services are designed to easily integrate with other solutions.

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When deployed on the guests mobile device, Hotel Genie won’t require an app to be installed or confusing setup and login steps. Just click a link or scan a QR code and Hotel Genie automatically knows the room and extension number! Our proprietary Voice Bridge technology solves the problem of distorted phone conversations when using a voice app from a Smart Phone by switching between the app and the cell phone automatically if the Wifi or Data signal are weak.

When a call to a hotel department uses the guests cell phone, the room number and guest name are displayed to Hotel Staff, not the cell number and external calls will display the Hotel phone number. Our Voice Bridge technology can also be used to eliminate expensive PRI and SIP trunk services which saves you money!

Local survivability ensures your guests remain connected even during a network outage.

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Voice Bridge

Hotel Genie provides the industry’s first Hotel Softphone built for an intuitive guest experience.

Hotel Genie’s proprietary Voice Bridge provides service to analog or SIP room phones together with the Hotel Genie Softphone or as traditional standalone room phones, eliminating expensive PBX and PRI/SIP trunk costs.

Local survivability ensures your guests remain connected even during a network outage.

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