Guest Devices Taxing Your Wi-Fi Network? You Need Teleadapt DeskPoint Pro

Teleadapt DeskPoint Pro

Improve your Wi-Fi quality and capacity with DeskPoint Pro

Hotel guests have exponentially increased their Wi-Fi usage and they are connecting their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices simultaneously in each room. This high traffic paired with more IP-based staff and guest room applications puts a strain on hotel networks, leaving guests complaining of unreliable, poor quality Wi-Fi.ย 

Increase your capacity, improve your coverage and support these high density demands with DeskPoint Pro wireless access points. DeskPoint Pro uses your current wired Internet infrastructure to strategically provide a stronger, close proximityWi-Fi connection to the guest.

DeskPoint Pro also features a convenient USB charging port.

DeskPoint Pro is the perfect, cost-effective solution to keeping your guests connected!

DeskPoint Pro Wireless Access Point:

  • Plugs into existing wired high-speed Internet network to provide wireless coverageย throughout the hotel room
  • Fully compatible with 802.11n networks, backward compatible with 802.11b/g
  • Supports up to five SSIDs and seven VLANs
  • Maintains a wired access point for guests without Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Includes USB power port for charging mobile devices
  • Under-desk model available for common areas or discreet in-room installations
  • POE model available, supports 802.3af / 802.3at