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IP Telephony for Hospitality & Business. DuVoice provides any hosted, on premise IP or legacy PBX a connection to the property management system, wake up calls and guest messaging all managed through a friendly web console for the staff. Unified messaging is available for staff or business customers.

PMS-PBX Integration

The DuVoice PMS interface allows a single interface for automatic control over the guest room telephones and voice messaging system.

Check In

duvoice pms integration

  • Enable room mailbox
  • Deliver welcome message (optional)
  • Turn on long distance dialing COS
  • Guest name to telephone system
  • Guest Language
  • Set Wake Up Call

Room Move

  • Move messages to the new room
  • Move scheduled wakeup calls

During Stay

  • Receive ‘call front desk’ messages
  • Set wake up calls

Check Out

duvoice check out

  • Disable mailbox
  • Extinguish message waiting light
  • Remove wakeup calls for that room
  • Archive messages and wake up call data
  • Remove any personal password and greetings
  • Reset extended stay class of service
  • Turn off long distance dialing COS

Room Status

  • Pass room clean/dirty status
  • Multiple status codes “Repair, etc.”

Data Swap

  • Data synchronization
  • Auto creation of guest mailboxes

Group Codes

  • Sending Group Messages
  • Group Wake up calls

Minibar Refill

  • Refill auto post to guest folio
  • Direct Charge or Item and Count
  • Enter items via telephone, web browser, or tablet

Wakeup Calls

duvoice wake up callsWith a few keystrokes, guests can schedule their own wakeup calls on their room phones. User friendly prompts walk them through the process and play a confirmation of the time and date. Guests can even set multiple wake-up calls for the same room.

Hotel staff can also schedule wakeup calls for the guests, either by touch-tone commands on the telephone set, or through InnDesk with a point and click interface on any PC on the network.

Unlike other systems that simply ring the phone, DuVoice plays a custom wakeup greeting when the guest answers. This greeting can be changed daily if desired. Guests can even specify one or more ‘snoozes’ after the initial wakeup call.

Hotel staff has access to detailed reports on wake-up call activity.

  • Pending Wakeup Report shows all scheduled calls
  • Failed Wakeup shows all rooms where wake-up calls were not answered by the guest
  • Wakeup Report shows all wakeup activity for a specific room; including when calls were scheduled, who scheduled the calls as well as the result of completed calls
  • Failed Wakeup Alert In the event a wakeup call is not answered by the guest, the system will place an automated call to a pre-determined location to alert staff of the failed wakeup call.

Guest Voicemail

DuVoice offers generic guest voicemail that features:duvoice guest voicemail

  • Listen, Save, or Delete voice messages
  • Options for extended stay, such as record custom greetings or changing password
  • Text messages available through front desk
  • Message waiting light


In addition to automatic check-in / check-out from the PMS, staff can also manage guest rooms with an easy to use point and click web based interface from any staff PC on the network.

InnDesk provides easy management of:

duvoice inndesk

  • Scheduling Wakeups
  • Pending, Failed and Group  Wakeups
  • Checked-in and Clean/Dirty status
  • Room Phone Permission
  • Guest Name, DND, DID Numbers, and Language
  • Message Light and Text Messages
  • Individual Staff Login

InnDesk Reports

You can run a number of different reports to generate important information and valuable insights. These include:

  • Wake up call report (pictured below), shows all wake up activity
  • Failed wake ups, shows all failed wake ups over the past day
  • Pending wake ups, shows all pending wake ups for the next day
  • Activity report, shows all mailbox activity over a set time period or room
  • Occupied rooms, shows all rooms that are occupied
  • Vacant rooms, shows all rooms that are vacant
  • DID report, shows all DID’s in the system, if your system is licensed for DID
  • EAS report, shows all emergency alerts, if your system is licensed for EAS

InnDesk Guest Services

Room administration is easy with InnDesk.

  • Set names, groups, VIP status
  • Check in and check out of rooms
  • Send messages
  • Set maid status
  • Add or edit groups or group members
  • Send messages to groups
  • Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb for room phones

Unified Messaging

duvoice messagingWith DuVoice VeMail, voice mail messages are delivered as attachments to Email messages (as a .wav file attachment).  Play your voice messages on any PC or laptop with a sound card—no client software is required. When you’re done with the message,  just reply to the VeMail message and it will automatically remove it from your voice mailbox.

All messages are in one place. You need only look in your Email client to receive all voice mail, fax, and Email messages and you can You can forward VeMail messages to anyone who can receive Email. Share messages with colleagues, suppliers, and customers.

Save high value messages. One can manage only a limited number of voice mail messages in a traditional voice mailbox. Since VeMail messages can be labeled, kept in specific folders, sorted and searched for, they are ideal for long term storage.

Optimize record-a-call. If your telephone system supports record-a-call features, VeMail makes it easy to store and retrieve recorded conversations by date & time, or file name. Even if your telephone system does not have a built-in record-a-call feature, DuVoice can enable a useful facsimile of this feature on many switches.

Call Accounting

DuVoice has tested and certified the following products to work on or with the DuVoice software.

  • Jazzware
  • ProfitWatch by Metropolis
  • Genesis

Auto Attendant

DuVoice Auto Attendant provides flexible automated attendant applications. Using the convenient GUI, an administrator can create or change call routing and applications at the click of a mouse. Supports unlimited automated attendants for multiple applications within a business or for multiple businesses sharing a single voice mail system. You can even configure partitions between locations.

Automated Attendant Features:

Duvoice auto attendant

  • Single digit dialing system menus
  • Powerful unlimited menu trees
  • Audiotext (informational) mailboxes
  • System holiday greeting by schedule
  • Routing by date and time
  • First and last name directory
  • Powerful multiple tenant and partitioning

Minibar Inventory

Inventory Status Interface (ISI) is DuVoice’s solution to keeping track of everything minibar with or without a PMS interface.

duvoice minibar

  • Add, edit, or remove items, rooms, and categories
  • Run in depth reports through different aspects like room, item, user, and more
  • Submit room charges through a web page, or telephone key input
  • Use live web widgets to keep visual track of item sales
  • Set categories for each item for valuable sales information, and easy restocking
  • Automatically posts charges to PMS guest bills
  • Oracle Opera, Comtrol and Jazzware supported

Room Status Interface

DuVoice offers both a basic and/or advanced room status feature which allow housekeeping personnel to report the status of a room from either a web or in room telephone interface. This will report the room status to the PMS and the InnDesk web console.


duvoice room status

  • Multiple room status options
  • Maid ID
  • Multiple Languages by user
  • Can be used with or without a PMS integration
  • Detailed reports based on room, user, and activity to help resolve cleanliness or staff issues
  • Telephone and web interfaces support multiple languages, on a per user basis

Emergency Alerts

duvoice alertsDuVoice Emergency Alert System (EAS)  software, utilizing Avaya’s proprietary IP Office, monitors outbound call traffic on IP Office and identifies all calls made to 911 in real time. Any calls to 911 trigger a series of immediate alarms.

EAS knows where calls originate to provide immediate assistance in an emergency and where to direct professional responders in an emergency. EAS can limit abuse and false alarms,  and your organization’s legal liability.

Create additional non-911 “Panic But-ton” numbers for internal only emergency notification. EAS is can be installed in any environment such as Schools and Campuses, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities. Anywhere!

Automated Call Out. The DuVoice system places a call to a specified extension. Upon answer, the system announces the fact that an emergency call has been made and identifies the calling extension.

Email Notification.  An Email containing details about the event is automatically sent to a specified address. Critical information such as floor, room number, etc. can be included.

SMS—Text Messaging. An SMS message can be sent via Email to most cellular services.

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