Completed Projects

Crystalbrook Kingsley – INTELITY, Apple, iPort, Parotec

Crystalbrook Kingsley Lobby 1

Australia, June 2021 ~ A commitment to responsible luxury by Newcastle’s first five-star hotel, Crystalbrook Kingsley, has prompted a partnership with Asia Pacific’s leading hospitality solution specialist, McLaren Technologies. The new hotel was keen to embrace mobile-first guest experience technology and environmental change to enhance, not compromise, the quality of its guest experience.

The new hotel, which opened its doors on June 9, worked with McLaren to tailor its approach to technology ahead of its launch, implementing the entire INTELITY® platform, including a branded mobile app, mobile check-in, mobile key, in-room tablets, and GEMS®, INTELITY’s staff suite. Luxury Lenovo M10 Smart Tabs with Bluetooth speaker docks combined with the full digital platform enable a paperless, more seamless stay for guests. McLaren also implemented Apple iPads and iPort LAUNCH for Reception and Apple iPods with iNsync charging station for Housekeeping and Engineering staff to streamline operations.